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We are glad you are here. Allow us to help you. Our organization is with a mission to empower life one at a time. Each life is precious. If you feel that your life is meaningless, there is no purpose, you are unable to cope up with anxiety and depression, you have suicidal thoughts haunting you, please reach out for help. Your life is valuable. You are valuable. You have great potential within you. Let us tap into your potential together. Call us right away. We can help you with the best Conselling

My Precious Life

Who We Are ?

My Precious Life is a dream to heal the society, to address the important subjects of life that are generally avoided. Looking at the current scenario, where 70-80% people are facing emotional and mental issues, there is a desperate need for help.  Anuradha was facing a great emotional breakdown in 2004. When she recovered, she decided to help those who are struggling with similar issues and help them to come out of their situations. 


Individual Conselling


Corporate Workshop


Relationship Counselling

Life Coach Anuradha Das

My Precious Life


Every Life Counts! Every Encounter Matters!

Our Services

Personal CounselingFirst Time Discount 150025 minRs 2000
Couple CounselingSpecial60 minRs 2000
Relationship Coaching45 minRs 2000
Parenting45 minRs 2000
Purpose in Life60 minRs 1800
Self Empowerment45 min Corporate SessionRs 5000
Purpose Driven LifeGroup SessionRs 5000
Fighting Anxiety45 minRs 1500
Positive Aura2 session of Group TherapyRs 10000
Moving Forward60 minRs 4500

Stories of Transformation


I was in the verge of ending my life. But Anuradha ma’am was like a friend who showed me the purpose of life. Thank you so much for your counseling and support.

Nisha Agarwal

Being home as a new mother was getting on me that I was unable to think straight. I was at the peak of my carrier when I had to leave it for my child. But the thought of not being able to achieve my dreams kept killing me. I love my son, but at the same time I was very passionate about my carrier. After my sessions with Anuradhaji I now am more empowered and also started an initiative to help other girls.

Farah Zaki

Being the Vise President of a company was not easy. Work pressure kept me from spending time with my spouse and child. The workshop on ‘Servant Leadership’ gave me enough food for thought. And today I am an understanding and loving leader both at office and at home!

Manish Vyas

Rejection from childhood rooted so much in me that I could never have meaningful relationship with anyone. My fear of commitment and fear of rejection was addressed and now I am working towards fighting those insecurities in the right way. Thank you


Meet Our Founder

Anuradha Das


Its a pleasure to have you here with us. May your visit here be a blessing to you. I welcome you to this digital arena that contains information regarding various projects and services we provide from which you can benefit. This journey is an effort to bring positive changes in lives of people around the world. If I have come this far, it is because of the love and care I received from people with beautiful heart and my Creator God. You are precious and I wish you an abundant life. 

Coach Anuradha is an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. Her life is a testimony of God’s goodness and grace. Over the years she has shown her dedication and love towards others and how she stands for them, empowering them, guiding them, counseling them and seeing them set free from any bondages and baggage. She gives all glory for each life she has impacted to the Almighty God.

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